Monday, November 15, 2010


Pixton is a pretty neat website. It is a website that allows you to make your own comic. This site is so easy and one thing it doesn't have is a ton of buttons. This makes it so easy to personalize your comic.

We recently Skyped with the creator of Pixton. He talked us about when he and his wife were creating Pixton and how they wanted to make it very user friendly. I think they have done a great job. It takes a little to get use too, but once you play around with it, it is a breeze.

This project we were asked to create a comic were we put ourselves in the comic. I made mine of a scene that could take place at our house. To make your own comic you can create one for free, or your school can create an account for a small fee. It was super fun and I think this tool would be very useful and helpful for visual learners in school.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Technology & Education

Technology is becoming apart of education. In this day and age we are no longer using just text books, and teachers. We need more resources. My school, Van Meter High School, has recently become a 1:1 school. We all have a mac books to keep for four years. We have learned so much more with all the resources we have now.

In this class my PLN class, we were asked to create a presentation for ISTE using any web tool to talk about how technology is changing education. For my project my partner and I used Prezi, and we also used a flip camera to interview a teacher about what they think of the computers. Here is the link to my project. Check it out and let me know what you think.