Monday, September 27, 2010


This is a great website, you make short video slideshows of pictures you add and then you can add music, and text. It looks really cool once it is all made. The free version of Animoto is 30 seconds long. There are selected backgrounds you can choice from, and they also offer free music that you can use in your Animoto. My Animoto is all about me. There are pictures from this summer, I went to a lot of concerts this summer. I am really passionate about music, and meeting the bands. I also have some pictures of my family, and our family vacation in California. Check it out! :)

My PLN Journey

What my PLN means to me...

My PLN is my personal learning network. Networking is meeting new people through technology. This class is all about meeting new people and connecting with them. Connecting with people is a great way to learn. You learn so much more when you are connecting with others. Networking is a great skill you will have to have all your life. When it comes time to go to college or get a job you will need to be able to communicate with all different kinds of people. It is so important to have a learning network.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PLN Skype

In our PLN class we Skype with a lot of pretty important people! We got to meet Tom Whitby, one of the creators of Edchat on Twitter. He is so smart, he is pretty much a guineas he knows everything there is to know about Twitter. I recommend following him, hes got a lot of good information and it is really interesting the stuff he tweets about, it makes you think.

Also in PLN we got to meet Kimmie from Symbaloo, she was really cool too, we got to ask her questions about how to use this website, and she gave us helpful tools and ways to use her website. I love this site now, you can create different webmixes, and you can share them with other people. It is also really cool how you can tag pictures on the mixes so you can personalize your mixes. Thanks again Kimmie for talking to us!

Diigo is another web site that is really helpful for when your taking notes or just reading an article online, and you need to bookmark a page or highlight something. This website allows you to highlight anything on the page, make a sticky note, share the article with through your twitter, and also bookmark the page. However the catch is that it saves all these items for you online in a cloud in there database. This is helpful when you go from computer to computer, or from computer to Itouch. It keeps track of all your bookmarks and highlights online so you can access them from any computer. In our class we got to Skype with the creator of this website. Her name was Maggie she was great she had so much more information about this site and how to use it. She answered all our questions and was glade to keep in contact with us while we were trying to figure out how to use it. Thanks again Maggie for all your help and hard work!

Juxio Project

I think everyone should check out this website. Its called Juxio.It is kinda like power point, but way cooler! You just upload pictures from your computer or your facebook. You can make it look like a comic strip and you can add text and titles to your presentation. It is really easy and it looks a lot better than just a regular power point. We also skyped with the creator of Juxio, he asked us what we thought of it and if we had any feedback for him. He was really helpful he answered all of our questions we had. He also put our projects on his blog. Go check them out at Will's Blog, there about what were passionate about.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I got a new twitter just for our PLN class! Go follow me its juliaalbaugh123
And I also made my Diigo page go follow me on there to :) its just Julia Albaugh

I had to miss class today. I was at home sleeping, I ended up sleeping all day. But I'm feeling better now so I'll be back tomorrow. Hopefully I didn't miss that much!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


So tired today this week was such a long one! I'm really glad we have a three day weekend :) I had a blast last night! The gym looked great, and Marcus did an AWESOME job as the DJ! Now I got to work on my blog and finish cleaning up from last night, then cheer practice :) Hope everyones weekends going good so far! I'll talk to you guys on Tuesday.