Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Juxio Project

I think everyone should check out this website. Its called Juxio.It is kinda like power point, but way cooler! You just upload pictures from your computer or your facebook. You can make it look like a comic strip and you can add text and titles to your presentation. It is really easy and it looks a lot better than just a regular power point. We also skyped with the creator of Juxio, he asked us what we thought of it and if we had any feedback for him. He was really helpful he answered all of our questions we had. He also put our projects on his blog. Go check them out at Will's Blog, there about what were passionate about.


  1. Hi Julia this is Kristin from Burlington, MA. I am also a senior in a web 2.0 class. We talked about the Juxio website also. It sounds pretty cool. I would like to start using it so I can organize my pictures better. We are also strating to make a PLN to connect with people and learn new things. I think it is amazing that you guys got to talk to the creator of Juxio. I'm looking forward to checking them out at Will's Blog.

  2. You're good at blogging. Your posts are easy to read.