Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PLN Skype

In our PLN class we Skype with a lot of pretty important people! We got to meet Tom Whitby, one of the creators of Edchat on Twitter. He is so smart, he is pretty much a guineas he knows everything there is to know about Twitter. I recommend following him, hes got a lot of good information and it is really interesting the stuff he tweets about, it makes you think.

Also in PLN we got to meet Kimmie from Symbaloo, she was really cool too, we got to ask her questions about how to use this website, and she gave us helpful tools and ways to use her website. I love this site now, you can create different webmixes, and you can share them with other people. It is also really cool how you can tag pictures on the mixes so you can personalize your mixes. Thanks again Kimmie for talking to us!

Diigo is another web site that is really helpful for when your taking notes or just reading an article online, and you need to bookmark a page or highlight something. This website allows you to highlight anything on the page, make a sticky note, share the article with through your twitter, and also bookmark the page. However the catch is that it saves all these items for you online in a cloud in there database. This is helpful when you go from computer to computer, or from computer to Itouch. It keeps track of all your bookmarks and highlights online so you can access them from any computer. In our class we got to Skype with the creator of this website. Her name was Maggie she was great she had so much more information about this site and how to use it. She answered all our questions and was glade to keep in contact with us while we were trying to figure out how to use it. Thanks again Maggie for all your help and hard work!


  1. I am Erin from the web 2.0 class in Burlington, MA. We are starting to learn about PLN's and creating our own. I am glad it is something that is intresting and may help for me too. :)

  2. Hey! I'm actually from the web 2.0 class in Burlington too and I am also a senior. I think this class is awesome because although there are many ways to connect with students around the world, we usually just use Facebook and Skype to talk to people we already know. It seems like a lot of fun to be able to talk to someone a thousand miles away because it's just cool to be connected. I actually met my girlfriend in South Carolina and I stay connected to her through skype and oovoo and the phone of course. But anyways, I liked your post and I thinks it's cool how all of you skype with different students.

  3. You have had some really great Skype encounters. Always remember however that Skype is a media tool and it is easy to be influenced by the tool and not the source. Just because someone is Skyping (or on TV)they may not be the authority that this medium implies. You must critically analyze what they say and not just accept it because they are on a TV Screen.What must be important is that the information they provide must be factual. Just because it is on a TV screen it doesn't make it authoritative.BTW thanks for thinking I am so smart.(you fell for my media persona)

  4. Hi, my web 2.0 class has also used skype to connect with other people. We talked to a teacher from another state who also had a web 2.0 class. We talked about what their class is doing. They are also making a PLN.

  5. hey im also from the web 2.0 class in burlington and i recently started using skype and twitter. I am having trouble using twitter and i dont really understand how to use it. Skype is very intresting how we are able to video chat with people from all around the world. If u have any tips for using twitter that would be great