Sunday, December 19, 2010


I created an OpenZine for our next project in PLN. Mrs. Miller was out of town for a couple of days, and she told me I was in charge of the lesson plans. I was a litte nervous. I didn't know what project would be fun for the whole class, and I didn't know what the class would want to do.

I had recently saw The Nerdy Teacher (Nick Provenzano) on Twitter mention something about his PLN. Ktenkely and him put together a magazine every month using this web tool. This web tool being OpenZine. I did a little research, and I liked it. It is a cool new website that allows you to make your own magazines.

I created a rubric with Mrs. Miller on a Google Doc. And the next day we shared that Doc with the class. The students had some trouble with this site however. I noticed that saving was an issue. This is a very new site, and they seem to be working out the glitches. I contacted The Nerdy Tacher through Twitter. We later Skyped that day during class. He too noticed some glitches in the site. He was a great help to the rest of the class however. He taught us some tricks to get by until the glitches get fixed.

We finished this project and shared them with the class. My magazine is called Jules News. When I created the project I originally thought it was strictly going to be a news magazine. That is what is in my first magazine. I talked about current events that interested me. Next time I am going to create a Zine about who I am. I feel like that will better express who I am, and be a better quality of magazine.
But until that issue I hope you enjoy this issue! :)

Jules News - Jules News

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  1. I love the Mag! Great job and I cannot wait to see the next one. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

    - Nick