Monday, December 13, 2010

Van Meter Vs. Philly Project

Our last project was a collabrative project with our PLN class in Philly. My partner was Nick Kowalski. We Skyped and decided to make a google doc, we jotted down some of our ideas. We ended up choosing to use a Voice Thread, and our topic was to compare where we both come from. It was called Van Meter Vs. Philly. We made a list of ten things we both had to take pictures of. We wanted to get the full affect of each city. We took pictures of what our houses look like, what our town looks like, or school, and what we do other than just school. Once we had all of our pictures we uploaded them onto one Voice Thread account, added some text and then we were done.
It was pretty interesting to see how different our communities are, and how we both have some similarities. It made me want to go and visit Philly. The Voice Thread worked great for this project, it was so easy to upload the pictures using only one account. You can see our project here. I hope you like it. :)

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