Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dipity Project

We learned about a cool new website the other day in PLN. It is called Dipity. This website allows you to create your own timeline. You can use it for a school project like we did, or just do it for fun. This site also lets you have a profile, so you can create a whole library of timelines. You also can look at other peoples timelines they have created, and you can follow them.

We tried Dipity out in PLN, we were asked to make a timeline about something we are passionate about. Something that dates back twenty years ago, I chose Motley Crüe. I am very passionate about music, one of my favorite bands is Motley Crüe. I have seen them in concert and they are great, I have also read their books. One of my life goals is to meet Motley Crüe, so I felt like they would be a great topic to do my Dipity project on. :)

Here is a link to see my Dipity.

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